An important part of being a college student is taking good care of your health and wellness.

Set yourself up for success by learning how recognize and manage issues that could get in the way of your education and your life.

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You Can Make a Difference for a Healthier Future

College life in the time of COVID-19 – it’s an unexpected experience that raises a variety of unique challenges, questions and concerns that are seemingly ever-changing. Whether you’re living in a dorm or off campus, taking classes in person or online, social distancing or attempting to maintain a social life, as a college student adapting to a “new normal” there may be one common thought weighing heavily on your mind: What’s next – and what can I do to make a difference?

Managing Anxiety During COVID-19

Since the coronavirus pandemic first started sweeping the nation at the beginning of 2020, people of all ages have been dealing with varying levels of stress, worry, and even fear associated with the disease.

Staying Connected During COVID-19

Until the time comes when a vaccine has been approved and is widely available, COVID-19 will continue to impact daily life in a variety of ways. Reduced class sizes, more digital lectures and assignments, fewer social gatherings, and closures or limited access to...

COVID-19: Know Your Risk

As college and university campuses across the country consider the upcoming fall semester and response to COVID-19, many students are dealing with uncertainty regarding how to best manage their own risks associated with the virus. Understanding how the virus spreads,...

COVID-19 and Student Housing

Returning to college and university campuses during the COVID-19 era is a matter that extends well beyond classrooms and lecture halls. Shared spaces—especially those that students call home—are also important aspects of helping ensure everyone’s health and safety....