About Us

Entering college is a life-changing experience, one that can be both exciting and stressful. HealthyStartU provides trustworthy, real-life information on health, wellness, and the campus experience to help students and their families navigate this change in a positive way.

Our goal is to help students be the healthiest, most successful versions of themselves.

HealthyStartU also provides college administrators with information on student health insurance benefit plans, how best to deliver care, and industry best practices to better enable campuses to support their students .

HealthyStartU is brought to you by the American College Health Foundation (ACHF). The mission of ACHF is to promote, improve, and advance the health, well-being, and overall success of college students. ACHF accomplishes this mission by funding sustainable college health initiatives and programs, including education, research, advocacy and professional development in partnership with the American College Health Association and its members.