Collecting Faculty and Staff Health and Wellness Data

Meeting the needs of faculty and staff is a critical component of building a healthy campus community, and institutions need to be cognizant of the intersection of employee health and student health. To fully support student health and success, campus employees need to be supported in their own health and wellness. 

Achieving this goal means that campuses need current, relevant data about faculty and staff health and wellness. When equipped with data on employee health, and wellness, colleges and universities can design evidence-based health promotion programs and allocate resources based upon measurable needs.

This data can help colleges and universities enhance health promotion and prevention services across campus and enhance their understanding of how faculty and staff health and wellness relate to student health and wellness. 

ACHA provides an assessment tool, the National Faculty and Staff Health Assessment (ACHA-NFSHA), that aides campuses in measuring employee health and wellness. The ACHA-NFSHA is modeled after the ACHA-National College Health Assessment, the nationally recognized research survey that for almost 20 years has been collecting precise data about college students’ health habits, behaviors, and perceptions.

The NFSHA survey tool is a population level survey designed specifically to assess the health status of employees—faculty, staff, and graduate student employees—working on college and university campuses. 

Using NFSHA data, campuses can determine which employee wellness programs and services are needed and identify the most common health and behavior risks affecting employees’ performance and productivity. Much like the NCHA, the NFSHA can inform the work of facilitating the health promotion process for everyone who lives, learns, and works in a campus community.

The ACHA-NFSHA addresses multiple topics and provides institutions with the ability to compare their results using reference group reports. Schools participating in the ACHA-NFSHA have the option to add additional questions to further refine results. 

The Survey Process

Prior to launching the survey, you should be in touch with the campus IRB to see what kind of review they might require and how much time you need to allow. Once you have this information, you’ll be able to work with ACHA to create your survey.  ACHA uses the survey platform Qualtrics to administer the survey, and campus employees will receive an email invitation to take the survey online. 

Participation Fees

The institution conducting the assessment pays per employee contact that they want to invite to take the survey. The current cost is $0.43 per contact (employee) for institutions that are members of ACHA and $0.86 per contact for non-member institutions. These participation fees include sending of the initial invitation, three reminder emails, an automatic thank you email reply letting the survey-taker know that their response was received. The fees also include the SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) data file and reports. Additional questions can be added to the survey for a fee.

Data and Reports

Once the survey period has concluded, the institution will receive a data report that lists every question on the survey and provides a breakdown of the responses by gender (in exactly the same format as NCHA data reports). The executive summary highlights some key findings from the data. Institutions can further manipulate/analyze the data using the SPSS dataset and can also request custom data analysis (available for an additional fee). Institutions can then compare their own data to data from a reference group of all the participating schools that used a random sample.

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