Patient Satisfaction

User feedback is one of the most important aspects of quality measurement and could be externally or internally benchmarked. Every service organization should have client/patient feedback as part of a robust quality management program. Since student fees fund many health and wellness services, student satisfaction with services is particularly important. Most electronic health systems have a feature that will automatically send (usually by email) a link to a post-encounter survey after every patient visit. It is important to ask questions that are quality indicators and have the potential for change. Patient satisfaction surveys can identify trends and patterns that require additional evaluation or improvement. Non-users should also be surveyed periodically, as the reason they do not use the service may be helpful information for quality improvement purposes.

ACHA’s Patient Satisfaction Assessment Service is one tool used to gauge patient satisfaction and provides insight into the quality and performance of a college or university health service. With this patient satisfaction data tool, your health and wellness services can:

  • Support accreditation: Accreditation processes typically entail some form of organizational self assessment of quality of care or services.
  • Track performance over time: Your health service can compare survey periods to determine if it is meeting its goals and has improved.
  • Compare results to other institutions nationwide: Determine whether your school is providing a standard of care on par with other health services.
  • Provide results 24/7: Monitor the ongoing assessment results and address dissatisfaction immediately.

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