Transferring Medical Records

Before you head off to school, be prepared by transferring any medical records and completing any necessary paperwork that would be helpful should you need treatment from the student health center, especially if you have a chronic illness or other issue. Consider introducing yourself to the student health center staff before school starts if you have a chronic illness. Your primary care provider from back home will have a process for requesting copies of your medical record, and your student health center may have a process for accepting those records. Call both providers for more information.

When you graduate or if you leave your school, it’s important that you request your medical records before you leave. You can transfer those records back to your primary care provider back home, or to a new provider. 

Transferring Medical Records, Paperwork, and Other Forms

Transferring Medical Records to Your School

Do you need to transfer records? Check the student health center web site for their procedures and policies for transferring records. Methods to transfer records may also be on the college health enrollment form.

Leaving for the Summer or the End of Your Studies 

At the end of the school year or when you graduate, transfer records from the college health or wellness center to your primary care provider. Campuses often do not retain your records for more than a few years after you leave, so be sure to have your records transferred before it’s too late.

You may be able to view and transfer your records through the electronic health record portal.