Healthy Snacking

Plan to incorporate healthful snacks into your day. Eating every 3–5 hours is a good way to prevent overeating at meal times, as well as keep your metabolism and energy level high. Before you choose a snack, figure out if you want something crunchy or smooth, cold or hot, liquid or solid, and for nibbling or eating in one sitting. But remember, if you are cutting calories, quantity matters even when choosing healthful snacks.

Stock your dorm-room fridge with a variety of healthy foods. That way, when you need a quick breakfast or study snack, you’ll have plenty of options on hand. View these 10 tips for a mini-fridge makeover.

Healthy Snacks

Here are a few suggestions for healthy snacks to keep hunger at bay throughout the day:

  • low-fat, low-sugar yogurt
  • reduced fat, part-skim mozzarella or ricotta cheese
  • fresh fruits and vegetables (with low-fat dips if desired)
  • toasted whole grain English muffins, bagels, and bread
  • rice cakes with low-fat cream cheese or a small amount of peanut butter or other nut butter
  • high-fiber flatbreads and crackers
  • unbuttered and unsalted popcorn (try salt substitutes such as garlic powder)
  • dry-roasted, unsalted nuts
  • unsalted seeds, breadsticks, and pretzels
  • raisins and other dried fruits
  • low-sodium soup
  • cocoa made with low-fat milk
  • herbal teas
  • baked fruits without sugar
  • water-based sherbet, ice milk, or sorbet
  • low-fat frozen yogurt
  • skim milk, buttermilk, or soy milk
  • 100% fruit and vegetable juices