Health Insurance–What Are My Options?

Some institutions require students to have health insurance, either through the school’s plan, through a family’s plan, or through the Health Insurance Marketplace. Check with your institution about their health insurance policies and requirements. Information is usually available through the student health center.  If your school requires you to be covered by a health insurance plan, you have several options.


Family’s Plan


Student Health Insurance and Benefits Plan (SHIBP)


Health Insurance Marketplace

I have health insurance with my family’s plan and I am staying on my existing plan.

I will need health insurance. I’m going to see if my school has a Student Health Insurance and Benefit Plan (SHIBP) that suits me.

I don’t have insurance and my school does not offer a student health insurance plan. I am going to check out the Health Insurance Marketplace.


– Will health care providers on or near near my campus accept my insurance plan?


– Large network and services available

– Lower out-of-pocket costs

– Continuing coverage


– Possibly higher cost and higher out-of-pocket fees

– Multiple plans offered. For more information on which plan may meet your needs, visit Students.

Once you have your health insurance covered, remember to do the following:

  • Obtain a copy of your insurance card. You may need to provide this information when visiting the student health center or a provider in the community.
  • Know your health care provider contact information in case you need to contact them for advice, to make an appointment, or request information.
  • Become familiar with your insurance plan requirements such as co-pays and other fees, if you need to see a referral to see a specialist, etc. Click here for some technical terms you may need to know.

If you need help figuring out your insurance options, reach out to your school; they are there to provide useful information and help you navigate the health insurance options available to you.