Living with a Roommate

Traditionally, the Housing Office will match you up with a roommate, possibly based on a profile you complete about your personal habits and preferences. You may be offered the choice of finding a roommate on your own. Social media has made it a little easier to find other students at your institution who may be looking for a roommate. It’s important to note that best friends do not always make the best roommates! Regardless of who you live with, talk to them over the summer before moving in. This will help you get to know them better and allows you to determine who will bring what to the room; you likely don’t need two big screen TVs in your room! Discuss who will bring the TV, microwave, fridge, storage containers, and more. That way, you don’t end up with two of everything.

Your residence hall may offer opportunities like social events and other activities to help you to get to know your roommate as well as other people living in your hall. In addition, after you move in, your RA may talk to students about signing a roommate agreement. It is highly recommended that you do this. The roommate agreement allows you and your roommate(s) to discuss things like quiet hours, communication styles, and what you’ll do if issues arise. If you and your roommate have a disagreement during the school year, your RA can use the roommate agreement to help mediate the discussion.

Want to get to know your roommate? Try these Roommate Icebreakers from Dickinson College.