Before You Leave for School

If you have an issue or condition that requires daily or frequent medication, you will need to plan ahead before starting college. You may need to bring a supply of medication with you to campus, as well as develop a plan for refilling the prescription and getting future prescriptions. It’s important to note that the first semester of college, with all of its transitions, may not the best time to go off of a current medication or try a new medication; if you think you need to stop taking or change your medications, speak with a health care provider first before heading to college.

  • Try to obtain a prescription from your primary care provider for a 90-day supply of medication. Getting a 90-day supply will make it easier for you to take your medication at school; you won’t have to refill it as often and you can focus on other things, like academics or co-curriculars. 
  • If your home pharmacy will not be able to fill a 90-day supply, you may be able to get it through mail order. Check with your insurance to see if this is an option. The nice thing about mail order is your prescription comes right to your place of residence!
  • You may need to obtain your own pharmacy insurance card (separate from your family’s) so you can obtain coverage for prescriptions you may need while at school.