Alcohol-Related Myths


Myth: You can “sober up” quickly if you need to.

Truth: Nothing can alter the speed at which alcohol is eliminated and metabolized. Not even coffee or cold showers. Simply put, time is the only thing that can lower your BAC. 


Myth: Beer doesn’t have as much alcohol as hard liquor.

Truth: The amount of alcohol in a drink depends on the size of the drink and its alcohol by volume. Some 12oz beers can actually have more alcohol than 1.5oz of 80 proof whiskey. Not all drinks are created equally! 


Myth: I can drive safely after a few drinks.

Truth: Driving ability becomes impaired much sooner than people realize, and even before a drinker reaches the legal limit (0.08% BAC) across the United States. Any amount of alcohol increases the risk of being involved in a fatal crash, with risk increasing exponentially as one’s BAC rises. 


Myth: It’d be best if I learned to “hold my liquor.

Truth: Needing to increase the amount of alcohol necessary to feel a buzz is a sign that a drinker is developing behavioral tolerance. Tolerance means that someone is drinking frequently and in increasing amounts, which are warning signs of developing alcohol dependence. 


Myth: Switching between beer, liquor, and wine will make me more drunk.

Truth: Alcohol is alcohol. What matters is the amount of alcohol you consume, and the manner in which you consume it. 


Myth: Eating a large meal before drinking will help keep me sober.

Truth: While having food in the stomach when drinking may somewhat delay the absorption of alcohol, it will not prevent it. Food will not “soak up” alcohol. All alcohol consumed will be processed by the body.